Changes to tracks on the main line 13 – 14 July

On the nights of Saturday 13 July and Sunday 14 July, there will
be changes to tracks used by commuter trains to Helsinki due to a
voltage cut-off in Tikkurila. In Hiekkaharju, Koivukylä and Rekola,
trains will use track 3, in Tikkurila track 4. 

In addition, trains will leave from Korso to Helsinki 10 minutes
later than usual.

The changes apply to the following train services:

Departure place    Departure time 

Riihimäki              T 11.37pm


Kerava                  N 0.45am


Riihimäki              T 0.37am


Kerava                  N 01.45am


Riihimäki              T 01.37am


Kerava                  N 02.45am


Kerava                  N 03.45am


Riihimäki               T 04.14am


The following trains from Helsinki will use track 4 in

Departure time from Helsinki

N 0.01am

T 0.31am

N 1.01am

T 1.31am

N 2.01am

T 2.31am

N 3.01am

T 4.01am

Please check the departure boards at the station, in case of