Season ticket refund due to the stoppage

Uppdated 9 November, 6am

If you had an HSL season ticket loaded on your Travel Card valid during the stoppage on Friday 8 November, you may get refund on the ticket for one day. Refunds are considered on a case by case basis. Refund is possible if the you were not able to use public transport on your usual journeys during the stoppage. The refund will be granted as a season ticket or value loaded on the Travel Card on the basis of a claim for refund.

The claim for refund must be submitted within two months of the stoppage ending. You can print out the application form by using the link below, or you can get one from a Travel Card service point. 


The stoppage ended on Saturday morning at 4am

A stoppage by drivers of Nobina West caused disruptions to bus services on Friday 8 November. The situation got  better towards the evening. HSL estimates that about half of buses operated by Nobina West were running in the evening. The stoppage began at 4am on Friday and the drivers returned to work at 4am on Saturday morning.

Some 500 drivers participated to the stoppage.

The following routes were affected: 

Helsinki internal routes:

20N, 21V, 64N, 65A, 65N, 66, 66A and night bus 03N

Jouko routes (Helsinki)

J31, J32, J33, J34, J35 and J37

Espoo internal routes: 

3, 5, 10, 10K, 15, 21, 21K, 21T, 21V, 22, 23, 23N, 24, 24T, 25, 25A, 26, 27, 27V, 28, 28B, 28K, 28KB, 28KT, 28T, 29, 29T

51, 70, 70V, 71, 71B, 71BK, 82, 82B, 82KB, 85, 85K, 86, 86H, 86HT, 86T, 87, 87K, 88, 88K, 88KB, 533, 543

Regional routes to/from Espoo:

107, 109, 109N, 109T, 112, 121, 121A, 121AT, 121K, 121N, 121NK, 121T, 122, 122A,

158, 160, 160K, 160KT, 160T, 165, 165N, 165V

206, 212, 213, 213N, 231, 231N, 231K, 231N, 247, 247A, 248, 248A, 270, 270N

315, 315N, 324, 324K, 324N, 345, 345N, 435

Vantaa internal routes

43, 43K, 43T, 45, 45K

Regional routes to/from Vantaa

474A, 474AK, 474K, 474V, 474VK