Changes to commuter train services between Helsinki and Kerava 9-10 July

There will be changes to commuter train services between Helsinki and Kerava on 9-10 July due to track works north of Pasila station. On Saturday night, commuter trains will not stop at Käpylä and Oulunkylä. On Sunday, K trains will be running only between Tikkurila and Kerava for two hours. 

Trains not stopping at Käpylä and Oulunkylä, additional services on route 64

Saturday 9 July 11pm – Sunday 10 July 6am:
I, P, N and T trains in both directions will not stop at Käpylä and Oulunkylä.

Sunday 10 July 6am–12noon:
I, N and T trains from Helsinki to Tikkurila will not stop at Käpylä and Oulunkylä. Passengers going from Helsinki and Pasila to Käpylä and Oulunkylä should change to a train going in the opposite direction at Pukinmäki. Northbound passengers from Käpylä and Oulunkylä should change to a train going in the opposite diretion at Pasila. 

For Journey Planner users:
If you are searching for routes to/from Käpylä or Oulunkylä stations on the night of Saturday/Sunday, untick the box next to the train icon.

Replacement bus services:

Between Oulunkylä, Käpylä and the city center:
Route 64 (Rautatientori–Mäkelänkatu–Oulunkylä–Itä-Pakila) stops at the Panuntie and Tinasepäntie bus stops next to Käpylä station as well as at the Oulunkylä market place stop next to Oulunkylä station. The stop closest to Pasila station is "Pyöräilystadion". The bus leaves from bay 1 at Rautatientori.
The route will have additional services from Rautatientori on Sunday 10 July at 3.12am and 4.12am as well as from Itä-Pakila at 5.07am. The buses will stop close to Oulunkylä and Käpylä stations.

Between Käpylä and the city center:
Bus routes 67, 67N, 72, 72N, 611, 614 and 615 run between Rautatientori and Käpylä station along Tuusulanväylä. The buses stop at the Käpylä station bus stop. In addition, buses 64 and 66 go to Rautatientori. In the direction of the city center, the buses stop at the Tinasepäntie bus stop close to Käpylä station and in the direction of Länsi-Pakila,  they stop at the Panuntie bus stop.

From Käpylä to the north:
Route 69 (Kamppi–Pasila–Käpylä–Pukinmäki–Malmi) runs from Kamppi until 0.15am on Saturday evening.

From Oulunkylä to the north:
There is no direct bus service replacing trains but buses 69, 72 and 554K run along Käskynhaltijantie via Pukinmäki station.

K trains runnin only between Tikkurila and Kerava on Sunday 10 July 10am-12.15pm

K trains will not run between Helsinki and Tikkurila on Sunday 10 July approximately from 10am to 12.15pm. During this time, trains will run as usual from Kerava to Tikkurila. From Tikkurila to Kerava, trains will leave 5 minutes later than usual every 15 minutes 10.39am–12.24pm.

The trains will leave from track 5 both at Tikkurila and Kerava.

In the direction of Kerava, the following K trains from Helsinki to Tikkurila are cancelled: 10.16am, 10.31am, 10.46am, 11.01am, 11.16am, 11.31am, 11.46am and 12.01pm.

The following K trains from Kerava will run only until Tikkurila: 10.17am, 10.32am, 10.47am, 11.02am, 11.17am, 11.32am, 11.47am and 12.02pm.

Changes to departure platforms at Pasila

Sat 11pm – Sun 6am:
All trains in the direction of Tikkurila will leave from track 4 and from Tikkurila to Helsinki from track 5.

Sun 6am–12noon:
All trains in the direction of Tikkurila will leave from track 4.

Check the timetable displays at the station for up-to-date information about departure platforms.