Diversions to bus and tram routes in Helsinki 12-13 August due to Helsinki City Marathon

Helsinki City Marathon will take place on Saturday 13 August, causing diversions to bus and tram routes. Most of the diversions will be in place from 2pm to 9pm on Saturday 13 August, but bus route 502 will be diverted from Friday evening 12 August.

The event will affect traffic in Etu- and Taka-Töölö, Meilahti, Ruoholahti, Länsisatama and Lauttasaari.

The diversions will affect tram routes 2,3, 6T and 8, Helsinki internal bus routes 14, 18, 20, 21V, 23, 24 and 70T as well as regional routes 195 and 502.

Diversions to tram routes on Sat 13 August

Tram 2 will run from Töölö depot via Runeberginkatu and Kamppi to the Central Railway Station 2.30pm-7pm. 7pm-9pm the tram will run to the Olympia Terminal.

Tram 3 will run from the Central Railway Station via Hakaniemi and Kallio to the Töölö depot 2.30pm-4pm.  4pm-7pm, the northern terminus of the route will be by Paavalin kirkko (St. Paul’s) and the tram will use the route Central Railway Station, Hakaniemi, Kallio, Sturenkatu. 7pm-9pm the tram will run to Eira.

Diversion route of trams 2 and 3, 2.30pm-4pm

Diversion route of trams 2 and 3, 4pm-7pm

Diversion route of trams 2 and 3, 7pm-9pm

Tram services in Eteläranta and Eira will be replaced by bus 3X running between Lasipalatsi and Neitsytpolku approximately 2pm-7.30pm. Interchange between the trams and the replacement bus will be at the “Lasipalatsi” (1902) stop on Mannerheimintie. The bus will serve bus stops on Mannerheimintin, otherwise it will serve tram stops along the route.

Route of replacement bus 3X

Tram 6T will run to the West Terminal via Kamppi using the route of tram 9 3.30pm-7pm. The tram will not serve Bulevardi and Hietalahti.

Tram 8 will run from Arabianranta to Sörnäinen Metro Station and back to Arabianranta 4pm-9pm. The tram will not serve the section of route between Helsinginkatu and West Harbor.

Diversion route of tram 8 from 4pm to 9pm

Diversion route of regional route 502 Fri 12 August-Sat 13 August   

Regional bus 502 will run via Helsinginkatu and Runeberginkatu from 12 August 6pm to 13 August 2.30pm because Mäntymäentie will be closed to traffic. After this, Helsinginkatu will be closed to traffic until about 9pm and the buses will run via the Central Railway Station.

Diversions to bus routes in the city center and Munkkiniemi on 13 August

Route 14 will not serve Hernesaari 3.30pm-6.30pm. The “Neitsytpolku” (1207) bus stop on Pietarinkatu will be the terminus. Diversion route

Route 18 will not serve Merikatu 3.30pm-6.30pm. The “Kapteeninpuistikko” (1205) stop on Kapteeninkatu will be the terminus.

Diversion route

Route 20 will run via Mannerheimintie and Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 3.30pm-6.30, i.e. the bus will not serve Bulevardi and Uudenmaankatu.

Diversion route

Route 23 will run via Porthaninkatu and Läntinen Brahenkatu 3.30pm-9pm, i.e. the bus will not serve Toinen Linja and Sturenkatu.

Diversion route

Route 24 will terminate at the “Kapteeninpuistikko” (1205) stop on Kapteeninkatu 3.30pm-6pm. The bus will not serve Pietarinkatu, Neitsytpolku and Merikatu.

Diversion route

Route 70T will run in both directions via Nordenskiöldinkatu 3.38pm-8.43pm, i.e. the bus will not serve Sturenkatu and Helsinginkatu.

Diversion route

Route 195 will not serve the “Munkkiniemen aukio” (1406) on Ramsayn ranta in the direction of Kamppi approximately 3pm-4.30pm. The closest stop is “Munkkiniemen aukio” (1500).

Diversion route

Diversions to Lauttasaari bus routes on 13 August

Route 20 will not serve Katajaharju 3pm-8.30pm. The “Melkonkuja” (1051) bus stop on Itälahdenkatu will be the terminus.

Diversion route

Route 21V will run to Vattuniemi via Lauttasaarentie and Särkiniementie 3.30pm.8.30pm, i.e. the bus will not serve Meripuistotie and Vattuniemenkatu.

Diversion route

Bus routes running through to Länsiväylä will run in both directions via the Lemissaari intersection 3pm-8pm.