Route 415 to be extended to Helsinki Airport, new routes 434, 612 and 739V to start operating in Vantaa on 15 August

There will be changes to bus services in Vantaa on 15 August 2016, when HSL transport services switch to winter timetables. Route 415 will be extended from Aviapolis to Helsinki Airport, new routes 434, 612 and 739V will start running and routes 614 and 615 will start running more frequently at peak times. 

The route of bus 415 will remain unchanged but its terminus will be moved from Aviapolis to Helsinki Airport to improve transport links to the airport. 

A new route, 434, will serve the new Keimolanmäki residential area, providing feeder services to I and P trains serving Kivistö station. The bus will run Monday to Friday every 30 minutes at peak times and every 60 minutes at other times. The bus will run on all weekdays. Route of bus 434 in the Journey Planner.

Route 612 will provide a new transport link between Tammisto and Tikkurila. The route will run Monday to Friday, facilitating in particular commutes to work and school, as well as journeys to run errands. Route of bus 612 in the Journey Planner.

A new route 739V will start to run from Rautatientori via Viirilä and Etelä-Nikinmäki to Pohjois-Nikinmäki. Route of bus 739V in the Journey Planner.