Changes to bus routes and timetables on 2 and 9 January 2017

There will be changes to the timetables and routes of some bus services at the beginning of 2017. Some of the changes will take effect on 2 January, the rest on 9 January 2017.

Changes on 2 January 2017

Helsinki internal route 37: Services from Malminkartano will start to leave 1–3 minutes later because the buses have had to wait at the Talontie timing point. There will be no changes to journey times and stop-specific times between Talontie and Kamppi.  Timetable of route 37 from 2 January 2017

Helsinki internal route 51: There will be changes to the departure times and estimated arrival times on weekday afternoons in both directions. Services from Hakaniemi will start to leave a minute later and services from Malminkartano will start to leave 1-3 minutes earlier due to increased journey times in the afternoon peak.  Timetables of Helsinki route 51 from 2 January 2017

Helsinki internal route 57: There will be changes to the departure times and estimated arrival times in both directions.  Timetablels of Helsinki route 57 from 2 January 2017

Helsinki route 84: The end and departure stop in Gunillankallio in Laajasalo will change. The new Gunillantie departure stop (H4545) will be located on Gunillantie instead of  Koirasaarentie (H4530). The change will not affect timetables. New departure stop on map:

Neighborhood routes 116, 117 and 119 in Espoo: The routes will be diverted in Tapiola to run to Tapiolantie via Revontulentie. See the bulletin at

Route 201B: The services from Pitäjänmäki at 8am, 2.30pm and 4.30pm are withdrawn to improve the punctuality of other services on the route.  Timetable of route 201b from 2 January 2017

Route 280: There will be some changes to the timetables from 1 January 2017. Major changes will take effect from 9 January 2017. 

Neighborhood routes 313, 413, 618, 713, 723 and 733 in Vantaa and route 737: The neighborhood routes will be replaced by fixed-route services and rout 733 will be withdrawn. Daytime services will be added on route 737. See the bulletin at:

Route 412: There will be changes to weekday afternoon services. The 3.01pm service from Myyrmäki will start to leave at 2.56pm. The 3.10pm service from Kaivoksela will start to leave at 3.12pm.  Timetable of route 412 from 2 January 2017

Changes from 9 January 2017

Espoo internal route 46: The timetables will change due to increased journey times. Monday to Saturday departure times will change at both ends and estimated arrival times at stops will change.  Timetable of Espoo internal route 46 from 9 Jan 2017

Route 280: There will be major changes to the timetables in both directions.  Timetable of route 280 from 9 January 2017

Route 415: Monday to Friday timetables will change to improve the reliability of the route. Stop-specific timetables will change for all stops along the route.  Timetable of route 415 from 9 January 2017

Route 540: The route is withdrawn. The service has been provided by Pohjolan Liikenne and HLS's tickets have been accepted on the route. Journeys from Espoo to Helsinki Airport can be made by train via Huopalahti or Pasila. 

Route 565: One afternoon service from Espoon keskus will be brought forward by two minutes to 3.07pm. In addition, the estimated arrival times at stops will change in both directions. Timetable of route 565 from 11 January 2017

Route 573: A new service from Aviapolis at 10.17am will be added and the 2pm service will be withdrawn. The 3.15pm service from Aviapolis will start to leave at  3.20pm and the 4.25pm service at 4.30pm. A new service from Vantaankoski at 2.02pm will be added and the 2.35pm service will start to leave at 2.40pm.  Timetable of route 573 from 9 January 2017