Test runs on the Metro on Thursday 14 September - All trains go to Ruoholahti

HKL is performing West Metro test runs on Thursday 14 September. All trains from Vuosaari and Mellunmäki exceptionally go to Ruoholahti. 

The Metro trains continue from Ruoholahti westward on the West Metro line, but passengers must get off at the latest at Ruoholahti. The trains are checked at Ruoholahti to ensure there are no passengers still on board. The trains continue without passengers along the new section of line, turn around and again continue from Ruoholahti to Vuosaari and Mellunmäki serving passengers.

The test runs may affect Metro headways. Passengers are advised to check disruption alerts.

The new platform displays are also being tested at the same time. In other words, today the Metro arrival times and destinations are shown on platform displays marked with "koekäytössä" (in test use) stickers. Other platform displays are switched off.