New terminus for bus routes 102, 102T, 103 and 103T in Ruoholahti from 4 December

The terminus for bus routes 102, 102T, 103 and 103T will move to Ruoholahti Metro Station on 4 December. The change applies to weekday bus services until 7pm.

The change is made because the Kamppi terminal is congested due to decreased passenger numbers. Because there are fewer passengers on buses, the buses run ahead of schedules and there are not enough spaces at the terminal for buses to stand at the peak times. 

The opening of the Metro line to Matinkylä has decreased passenger numbers in particular on routes 102 and 103, as well as routes 102T and 103T running via Lauttasaari. These routes will terminate at Ruoholahti Metro Station Monday to Friday until 7pm. In the evening and on weekends the buses will terminate at the Kamppi terminal. 

The arrangement will remain in place until 2 January 2018, when bus routes serving South Espoo and Lauttasaari will be replaced by feeder services to Metro stations and routes 102(T) and 103(T) will be withdrawn. For information about the Metro feeder services,

Special arrangements for routes 102(T) and 103(T)  from 4 December 2017 to 2 January 2018 Monday-Friday -> 7pm

Departure stop in Ruoholahti: "Länsiväylä" (H1013 on Porkkalankatu, stop on map:

Terminus in Ruoholahti: "Ruoholahti(M)" (H0213 on Itämerenkatu, stop on map:

Stops no longer served: "Kamppi", "Lapinrinne", "Länsiväylä" (H1011 and H1014)

The first services from Otaniemi and northern Tapiola to Kamppi Monday to Friday:

102(T): 6.28pm
103(T): 6.37pm

The first services from Kamppi to Otaniemi and northern Tapiola Monday to Friday:

102(T): 7.15pm
103(T): 7.07pm