HSL’s transport services over the New Year: additional services and diversions

There will changes to public transport in downtown Helsinki over the New Year 31 December-1 January. On New Year’s Eve, a Sunday service will operate and on New Year’s Day, a Sunday service will operate. In addition, the Metro and commuter trains to Helsinki Airport will operate until about 2.30am on New Year’s Eve.

There will be diversions to bus routes on New Year’s Eve 10.45pm-1.45am due a New Year’s Celebration around Töölönlahti and at the Kansalaistori Square. Approximately 10.45pm-1.45am buses terminating at or leaving from Elielinaukio will terminate at or leave from Mäntymäki and buses normally leaving from Postikatu will leave from Kamppi. In addition, some tram routes will be diverted.

Additional services

Bus services: There will be a wealth of additional bus services. For details, see the Journey or the attached PDF file

Metro: The Metro will run three hours longer than usual. The Metro will run on the Mellunmäki, Vuosaari and Matinkylä lines every 10 minutes until the end of service, i.e.  the Metro will run between Tapiola and Itäkeskus every 5 minutes. The Metro feeder bus routes 84 and 85B will run from the Herttoniemi Metro Station to Laajasalo for three hours longer than usual. Other Metro feeder routes will operate a normal Sunday service.

Trams: Tram routes 4 and 10 will operate an increased service until 2am, running every 12 minutes. In addition, tram 8 will have additional services until 2am.

  • Tram route 4 last departure  2.07am Katajanokka and 2.04am Munkkiniemi.
  • Tram route 8 last  departure 1.49am Jätkäsaari and 1.11am Arabia
  • Tram route10 last departure 2.03am Kirurgi and 1.33am Pikku Huopalahti

Commuter train services: The following additional trains will operate on New Year’s night:

  • L trains from Helsinki at 0.33am, 1.33am, 2.03am, 2.33am, 3.03am, 4.03am and 5.03am and from Kirkkonummi at 1.29am, 2.29am and 3.29am.
  • P trains from Helsinki at 0.58am, 1.28am, 1.58am, 2.28am and 2.58am.
  • I trains from Helsinki at 0.36am, 1.06am, 1.36am, 2.06am and 2.36am.
  • N trains from Helsinki at 11.57pm, 1.12am, 2.12am and 3.12am and 3.42am and N trains from Kerava at  0.44am, 2.14am and 3.14am.
  • T trains from Helsinki at 2.46am and 4.16am and T trains from Riihimäki at 1.09am and 2.09am.

Diversions to tram routes

Trams 4 and 10 will run via Runeberginkatu on New Year’s Eve 10.45pm-1.45am. The “Hesperian puisto” (0105 and 0106) and “Kansallismuseo” (0103 and 0104) stops will not be served.

Bus diversion routes from Mäntymäki Field and Kamppi

On New Year’s Eve, buses 40, 43, 63, 218, 231N, 235/N, 321/N, 332, 345N, 411, 415/N, 421, 431N and 436/N will run to the Mäntymäki Field during the time Elielinaukio is closed. The “Kansallismuseo” (1907), “Hesperian puisto” (1908, 1909, 1911) and “Töölön Kisahalli” (1914) stops will not be served. The services going to Mäntymäki are marked with “Töölön kisahalli / Tölö sporthall” signs.

U line 280 from Kamppi at 11.05pm will run along Arkadiankatu, Runeberginkatu, Topeliuksenkatu and Tukholmankatu The bus will not serve the “Hesperian puisto (1909), “Ooppera” (1999) and “Kansaneläkelaitos” (1917) bus stops.

U line 848 will run in both directions along Arkadiankatu, Runeberginkatu and Topeliuksenkatu. The “Kansallismuseo” (1906), “Hesperian puisto” (1908 and 1909), “Ooppera” (1999) and “Töölön Kisahalli” (1914and 1915) stops will not be served.

Mäntymäen kenttä

Buses 20N and 21V will leave from bay 43 at the Kamppi local bus terminal. The buses will not serve the “Postitalo” (2038), “Simonkatu” (0231), “Kampintori” (1217), “Ruoholahdenkatu” (1009) and “Arkadian puisto” (1272) bus stops.

From 00.03am-1.43am, bus 39N will leave from the “Kamppi (M) (1237) stop, bay 76 on Fredrikinkatu. The bus will not serve the “Postitalo (2038), “Simonkatu” (0231), “Fredrikinkatu” (1224) and “Arkadian puisto” (1272) bus stops. Buses going to Kamppi are marked with “Kamppi / Kampen” signs.

Kamppi poikkeusreitti