R and T trains replaced by buses between Kerava and Jokela at night 16-19 January

R and T trains will be replaced by buses between Kerava and Jokela on four nights from Tuesday 16 January to Friday 19 January due to track works in Järvenpää. There will be changes to commuter train services from Helsinki to Riihimäki approximately 0.40am-4am and from Riihimäki to Helsinki 3am-5am. 

Changes to commuter train services

  • The 0.40am R train and 1.46am T train from Helsinki will terminate at Kerava. From Kerava, passengers can continue to Jokela via Järvenpää and other intermediate stations by replacement bus 969X at 1.05am and 2.30am. Those going to Riihimäki can take T train from Jokela.
  • The 3.09am T train from Riihimäki will terminate at Jokela, from where passengers can continue to Kerava via the intermediate stations by replacement bus 969X at 3.33am. T train from Kerava to Helsinki will leave at 4.23am. The 3.44am T train from Kerava to Helsinki will not run. The 4.23am T train from Kerava will arrive at Helsinki at 4.59am. 

Timetables of replacement bus 969X and the connecting trains:

Helsinki-Riihimäki Tue-Fri 16-19 January

Replacemen bus 969X will stop at the following locations in the HSL area:


Keravan korvaava


Jokela korvaava