Trams 4 and 5 not running to Katajanokka on 26 February

Updated 27 Feb 6:00

Trams 4 and 5 are currently not running to Katajanokka due to a potential risk of scaffolding collapse at a construction site in the area. The trams turn around by the Market Square. 

The duration of the disruption is not yet known.

Replacement bus running between Katajanokka and the Market Square

Replacement bus 5X is running non-stop between the Market Square and Katajanokka terminal for the duration of the disruption to tram services to Katajanokka. The buses leave from bus stop 2004 at the corner of Etelä-Esplanadi and Eteläranta. On Tuesday 27 February, the bus 5x runs 9am-11am.

A minibus route (i.e. route operated with a minibus) Market Square- Merikasarmintori will run non-stop between the Market Square and Merikasarmintori from 6.45pm. The departure stop at the Market Square is 2004. 

On Tuesday 27 February, two minibuses run non-stop between Merikasarmintori and the Market Square from 5.30am throughout the morning.