Diversions to bus and tram services on Sunday 27 May due to Naisten kymppi

The largest women’s sporting event in Finland, Naisten kymppi, will take place on 26-27 May. The event will be centered around Kansalaistori Square. The event will affect public transport in the center of Helsinki on Sunday 27 May about 1pm-3.30pm, for example, on Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu, Mechelininkatu, in Hietaniemi and on Paciuksenkatu, as well as on Helsinginkatu, where traffic will be restricted between Vauhtitie and Mäntymäentie about 1.30pm-3.30pm. In addition, large crowds around Töölönlahdenkatu are expected to cause some delays to other routes.

Diversions to tram routes and replacement bus 8X

Tram 1 will be diverted to run via Karhupuisto, Hakaniemi and the Central Railway Station 1.15pm-3.30pm
The following stops will not be served: “Lasipalatsi” (0101 and 0102), “Luonnontiet. museo” (0201 and 0202), “Kauppakorkeakoulut” (0203 and 0204), “Sammonkatu” (0205 and 0206), “Apollonkatu” (0207 and 0208), “Töölöntori” (0209 and 0210), “Ooppera” (0241 and 0242), “Kaupunginpuutarha” (0243 and 0244), “Linnanmäki (etelä)” (0245 and 0246) and “Urheilutalo” (0247 and 0278).

Tram 8 will run a way-one loop along Hämeentie, Sturenkatu, Läntinen Brahenkatu and Helsinginkatu 1.15pm-3.30p.

The terminus of replacement bus 8X in Töölö will be “Ooppera” (1332) on Runeberginkatu 1.15pm-3.30pm. Delays are expected when runners cross Mechelininkatu by Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu.

Naisten kymppi poikkeus

Bus diversions

Bus 24 will be diverted to run along Mannerheimintie, Arkadiankatu, Runeberginkatu, Topeliuksenkatu, Haartmaninkatu, Tukholmankatu, Pasiuksenkatu and Munkkiniemen puistotie to Laajalahden aukio 12.45pm-2.15pm. The bus will serve the bus stops along the diversion route, marked on the map. The bus will not serve Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu, Mechelininkatu, Hietaniemi and Seurasaari. Map showing the diversion route.

The following bust stops will not be served: “Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu” (1273), “Fredrikinkatu” (1224), “Leppäsuonkatu” (1230 and 1231), “Väinämöisenkatu” (1265 and 1266), “Arkadiankatu” (1267 and 1268), “Hietaniemi” (1269 and 1270), “Hietakannaksentie” (1258 and 1259), “Taivallahti” (1281 and 1282), “Sibeliuksenpuisto” (1283 and 1284), “ Rajasaarentie” (1285 and 1286), “Kajanuksenkatu” (1287 and 1288), “Lastenlinna” (1289 and 1290), “Meilahden sairaala” (1291 and 1292), “Humallahti” (1293 and 1294), “Mäntyniemi” (1295 and 1296), “Ruutikellarit” (1297 and 1298), “Heikinniementie” (1299 and 1300) and “Seurasaari” (1302).

Bus 502 will run via the Central Railway Station about 1pm-3pm. The bus will not serve Kallio and Helsinginkatu. The bus will serve the bus stops along the diversion route, marked on the map. Map showing the diversion route

  • The services from Merihaka at 1.49pm, 2.19pm and 2.50pm will run from Haapaniementie via Hakaniemen ranta, Siltasaarenkatu, Kaisaniemenkatu, Vilhonkatu, Mikonkatu, Kaivokatu, Mannerheimintie, Arkadiankatu and Runeberginkatu to Topeliuksenkatu.
  • The services from Leppävaara at 1.06pm, 1.36pm and 2.06pm will run along Topeliuksenkatu, Runeberginkatu, Arkadiankatu, Mannerheimintie, Postikatu, Kaivokatu, Kaisaniemenkatu, Siltasaarenkatu, Hakaniemen ranta, Sörnäisten rantatie and Haapaniemenkatu.

The following stops will not be served: “Hakaniemi” (2503),  “Kallion virastotalo” (0226 and 2129), “Castréninkatu (0227 and 0228), “Kuntatalo” (0229 and 2128), “Wallininkatu” (2126 and 2127), “Diakoniapuisto” (2066 and 2067), “Töölön kisahalli” (2064 and 2065) and “Ratikkamuseo” (1328 and 1329).