Disruptions to A, L, P and I trains 29 July

A-trains are cancelled because of a fault in the railway system on 29 July. Replacement buses: 217, 218, 235 and 550.

L trains will run only between Pasila and Kirkkonummi 10.30pm onwards. From Pasila to Helsinki you can travel with R, Z or N trains.

P trains to Helsinki Airport via Huopalahti and Myyrmäki 10.23am onwards will leave from Pasila.

I trains from the airport 9.44am onwards via Myyrmäki and Huopalahti will terminate at Pasila.

I and P trains to/from Helsinki Airport:
Only P trains will run from the airport to Helsinki via Tikkurila. I trains will run from Helsinki to the airport via Tikkurila.

From and to Ilmala

  • L trains will not stop at Ilmala.
  • Passengers going to Ilmala can change to an I or P train at Huopalahti or Pasila 10.28am–9.58pm.
  • At night, bus 23 or 23N runs from Pasila to Ilmala.