Changes to bus routes in Latokaski and Tillinmäki from 13 August - New route 531K introduced and changes to destinations of buses 157 and 158

  • From Monday 13 Augst, bus 531K will run from Tiistilä via Matinkylä to Latokaski. Route 531B (Tiistilä - Matinkylä (M) - Olari) to Kuitinmäki will be withdrawn. Following the change, feeder services from Latokaski to the metro will run via Olari, providing also direct links from Latokaski to Olari. 
  • Bus 157 (Matinkylä-Martinsillantie-Latokaski) will start to run to Tillinmäki, i.e. the bus will no longer serve Latokaski.
  • Bus 158 (Matinkylä-Eestinlaakso-Nöykkiö-Tillinmäki) will start to run to Kattilalaakso and Kiviruukki, i.e. the bus will no longer serve Tillinmäki. The change enables regular public transport link from Kattilalaakso to Matinkylä.

Bus 157 Matinkylä(M) - Suomenoja - Tillinmäki

Linja 157 reitti

Bus 158 Matinkylä (M) - Nöykkiö - Kattilalaakso - Kiviruukki

Linja 158 reitti

Bus 531K Tiistilä - Matinkylä(M) - Latokaski

Linja 531K reitti