A and K trains running every 20 minutes on Thursday 17 January, Y and D trains cancelled

HSL, VR and Finrail are preparing for severe weather conditions on Thursday 17 January. A and K trains run every 20 minutes. All Y trains between Siuntio and Helsinki as well as D trains between Riihimäki and Helsinki are cancelled. Also the 3.51pm R train from Helsinki is cancelled.

NB The 05.43am Y train from Karjaa operates, the train stops at Siuntio at 06.10am.

The reduced service is due to the expected heavy snowfall likely to cause extremely difficult traffic conditions. Services are reduced to ensure as effective operation of the services as possible.

A trains on Thursday 17 January

  • A trains run every 20 minutes, they are operated with two units.
  • At peak times, every other A train is cancelled.

A trains leave from Helsinki:

  • at 5.49am
  • at 4, 24 and 44 minutes past the hour 6.14am–6.14pm
  • from 6.34pm the trains operate as usual

A trains leave from Leppävaara

  • at 6.17am
  • at 7, 27 and 47 minutes past the hour 6.37am–6.37pm
  • from 6.57pm the trains operate as usual

K trains on Thursday 17 January

  • K trains run every 20 minutes, i.e. every other K train is cancelled.
  • K trains leave from Helsinki at 1, 21 and 41 minutes past the hour
  • K trains leave from Kerava at 11, 31 and 51 minutes past the hour

Bus 182X runs between Siuntio and Kirkkonummi

HSL is providing replacement bus services between Siuntio station and the Kirkkonummi Travel Center.


The Journey Planner shows the reduced service of A and K trains and Y and D trains are removed from the search results.  

Heavy snowfall also causes major problems to road traffic

Bus journey times are expected to increase and traffic jams are expected. Diversions are expected in some sections of road and in some places roads can be closed to bus traffic for safety reasons.

Snow piling on tracks can cause delays to tram services.

On Thursday, passengers are advised to allow extra time for their journeys. Please leave in good time, if possible, take an earlier bus, tram or train than usual. Telecommuting is a good option, if possible