Improvements to the routes and timetables of Kirkkonummi bus services from Monday 4 March

There will be changes to the routes and timetables of Kirkkonummi bus services from 4 March. HSL has planned the changes in close collaboration with the municipality and residents of Kirkkonummi. The main aim of the changes is to shorten journey times between Kirkkonummi and Matinkylä. The changes will shorten journey times from Kantvik and Kolsari to Gesterby at peak times, as well as journey times from Kantvik to Matinkylä. Outside peak hours journey times from Kantvik and Upinniemi to Matinkylä will shorten by

The level of service will improve during the daytime througout the week and on weekday evenings from Kantvik, town center, Heikkilä and Tolsa to Matinkylä. Bus 173Z will serve Tolsa also at quiet times. Journeys from Kantvik and Kolsari to Ravals and Lindal will in the future require transfers.

The changes will effect routes 171, 172, 172V, 173, 173Z, 174Z, 902, 902K and 903. There will be no changes to the timetables for routes 173K and 173N as well as routes 181, 181K, 182 and 182A running from Siuntio to Kirkkonummi.

Changes to bus routes from 4 March

  • The new route, 172V, is introduced. The new route replaces the peak time services on route 172 (Matinkylä (M) – Kantvik).
    • The bus 172V will run Monday to Friday at peak times every 30 minutes from Kantvik via the Kirkkonummi Travel Center to Gesterby and continue along the route of bus 172 via Masala to Matinkylä Metro Station.

  • Bus 172 will operate Monday to Friday outside peak hours every 30 minutes, replacing route 173. On weekdays, bus 173 will operate only a few services outside peak hours.

  • Bus 173Z will also start operating during the daytime, in the evening and on weekends.The bus will run every 30 minutes at peak times and every 60 minutes outside peak times.

In addition, the “Friggesby skola” bus stops (Ki0935 and Ki0936) will be closed and buses 902 and 902K will be rerouted so that they no longer run via the closed school. There will also be changes to the timetables for a number of routes, for example, departure times from Matinkylä or Kirkkonummi Travel Center will change.

You can find the new routes and timetables in the Journey Planner.

Timetables from 4 March in PDF format:


Changes planned together with residents

The municipality of Kirkkonummi asked HSL to make changes to the bus services after the opening of the Metro line to Espoo and changes to the bus routes from Kirkkonummi to Helsinki. In autumn 2018, HSL studied the residents’ travel habits and set up a resident panel to discuss the route network plans. HSL also had a blog where residents were able to comment on the planned changes.

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