Normal A and K train services from 2pm on Monday 4 February

Update 12noon: Normal A and K train services resume from 2pm.


Severe weather conditions are still causing problems for public transport in the HSL area. As a precaution, a reduced A and K train service operates on Monday 4 February. The trains run every 20 minutes at least until 2pm.

  • A trains  depart from Helsinki at 04, 24 and 44 past the hour and from Leppävaara at 7, 27 and 47 past the hour.
  • K trains depart from Helsinki and from Kerava at 01, 21 and 41 past the hour.

D trains from Helsinki to Riihimäki and from Riihimäki to Helsinki are cancelled on Monday 4 February. In addition, the 3.51pm R train from Helsinki is cancelled.