Additional transport service on Saturday 1 June

There will be additional public transport services on the last day of the school year, Saturday 1 June.

  • On Saturday night, there will be additional bus services in addition to the normal Saturday service.
  • The Metro will run two hours later than usual. The trains will run every 10 minutes between Tapiola and Itäkeskus and every 20 on the Itäkeskus-Vuosaari/Mellunmäki and Tapiola-Matinkylä branches.
  • Last Metro departures:
    M1: From Matinkylä to Vuosaari at 0.59am, from Kamppi to Vuosaari at 1.17am,  from Vuosaari to Matinkylä at 1.05am and from the Central Railway Station to Matinkylä at 1.26am.
    M2: From Tapiola to Mellunmäki at 1.15am, from Kamppi to Mellunmäki at 1.27am and from Mellunmäki to Tapiola at 0.55am.
  • The Metro feeder service 84 from Herttoniemi Metro Station to Laajasalo will run two hours later than usual. Other Metro feeder services will operate as usual. 
  • School bus routes 348 and 349 will operate in North Espoo on Saturday morning.

Additional services on Saturday evening

There will be additional services in Helsinki on routes 20N, 39N, 43, 61N, 65, 67, 67N, 77N, 78N, 85N, 92N, 94N and 97N, on routes 112N, 113N, 114N, 125N, 147N, 231N and 235N serving Espoo, as well as on routes 411, 421 and 431N serving Vantaa.

Additional bus services on 1 June

In addition, there will be additional services on bus route 14X to a concert in Hernesaari.

Bus 14X from Hernesaari to Kamppi: 5.43pm, 6.03pm, 6.23pm, 6.41pm, 7.01pm, 7.20pm, 7.40pm, 8pm, 8.21pm, 8.41pm, 9pm, 9.20pm, 9.39pm, 10.09pm, 10.29pm, 10.49pm.
From Kamppi to Hernesaari: 6.04pm, 6.24pm, 6.44pm, 7.04pm, 7.24pm, 7.45pm, 8.04pm,b8.25pm, 8.44pm, 8.04pm, 9.23pm, 9.45pm, 10.05pm, 10.25pm, 10.45pm, 11.05pm