Buses 348 and 349 run throughtout the summer

Buses 348 and 349 serving the northernmost parts of Espoo will operate also during the school summer break.

The routes have so far operated only during the school year, with no service during the summer months. In the future, buses 348 and 349 will operate year-round.

From 17 June, routes 348BK, 349B and 349BK will operate Monday to Friday about from 6am to 8pm.

In Kalajärvi, passengers can change to buses to Helsinki city center, Leppävaara and Espoon keskus, as well as to buses serving Ring Rail Line stations. The new timetables have been planned to enable passengers to change buses in Kalajärvi or Lahnus as smoothly as possible in both directions, taking into account the timetables of bus 345 (Elielinaukio – Kalajärvi – Rinnekoti).

Summer timetables for routes 348 and 349: