Commuter trains E and Y canceled 24 - 30 June as well as on 15 - 28 July due to track work - Service to Siuntio replaced by U and L trains

The Finnish Transport Insfrastructure Agency (FTIA) will be conducting track work in summer 2019 on the section of line between Helsinki and Pasila. The work will mainly take place at the Helsinki rail yard and around Pasila station. In addition, FTIA is constructing an additional and station platform at Pasila station, as part of the Tripla project.

E and Y trains will be cancelled Monday to Friday between 24 and 30 June as well as between 15 and 28 July. The services will be replaced by U and L trains.

Changes to commuter train services 24-30 June and 15-28 July:

  • E trains will be cancelled Monday to Friday (on Saturdays and Sundays the trains will operate as usual)
  • U trains to Helsinki will operate special timetables between 6am and 10pm
    • Departures from Kirkkonummi every 30 minutes at 27 and 57 past the hour.
  • L and U trains from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi and trains to Helsinki at other times will operate as usual. However, there may be delays to U trains to Helsinki on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Y trains will be cancelled and replaced by U and L trains.
    • The following trains from Helsinki will continue to Siuntio:
      • Mon-Fri: L trains at 5:34, U trains at 6:42, 12:42, 15:12, 16:12, 17:12, 19:12.
      • L train at 23:08 Mon-Sun will continue via Siuntio to Karjaa as usual.
    • The following trains will run from Siuntio to Helsinki:
      • L train from Karjaa at 5:28 and from Siuntio at 5:50, U trains from Siuntio at 7:18, 7:48, 13:41, 16:18, 17:18, 18:18, 20:18.

In addition, there will be changes to departure platforms at Pasila station, please check the timetable displays at the station.