Some trains not stopping at Ilmala 22–24 June

Some trains will not stop at Ilmala from Saturday 22 June 11pm to Monday 24 June 5am.

A and L trains to Helsinki will not stot at Ilmala from Saturday 22 June 11pm to Monday 24 June 5am.
In addition, the 2.08am, 3.08am and 4.08am L trains from Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala on the night of Saturday 22 June.

I trains to Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala on Sunday 23 June between 10am and 11pm.
The 5.48am P train from Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala on Sunday 23 June.
The 4:18am P train from Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala on Monday 24 June.

Alternative transport links

From Ilmala to Pasila and Helsinki:
Take an A, L or P train to Huopalahti and change to a train going to Helsinki.
Take bus 23, 23N or 59 from the "Ilmalanrinne" or "Ilmalantori" bus stop.

From the direction of Huopalahti to Ilmala:
Take a train to Pasila and change to an A, L or P train going in the opposite direction or to bus 23, 23N or 59.