Changes to bus routes in Nikkilä from 12 August – the old bus station to be closed

There will be changes to bus routes in Nikkilä from 12 August when the old bus station is closed. Buses will run via the Nikkilä terminal directly along Pornaistentie. New bus stops, "Segrispuisto" and "Bubbiksenpolku" will open on Pornaistentie. The new stops will replace the "Jussaksentie" and Nikkilä bus station stops. At the same time, the routes of buses 785 and 985 will be extended; both of the buses will in the future run to the Nikkilä manor (Nikkilän kartano). The new routes and timetables are available in the Journey Planner (search date after 12 August). 

Buses 785 and 985 will no longer run via the Nikkilä bus station. They will run along Pornaistentie and Paippistentie to their new turnaround in Kartanonrinne. New route of buses 785 and 985 in Nikkilä

Buses 786, 787, 841N and 987 will run directly along Pornaistentie.

The terminus of bus 982 will move from Nikkilä bus station to the Nikkilä bus terminal.

Bus 788 and U line bus 983 will no longer call at the Nikkilä bus station but run along Nikkiläntie, Iso Kylätie, Uudensillantie, Jokipuistontie and Nikkiläntie via the Nikkilä bus terminal. New route of bus 788 and U line bus 983 in Nikkilä

Bus 986 will also run directly along Pornaistentie without calling at the Nikkilä bus station. In addition, all services will in the future depart from the "Martinkyläntie tienhaara" stop. 

Bus 993 will run via the Nikkilä bus terminal and all services will go to the "Martinkyläntien tienhaara" bus stop.