Trunk route 550 as well as routes 41 and 552 to be diverted in Huopalahti from 12 August

Eliel Saarisen tie will be closed to traffic due to the construction of the Jokeri light rail line from 12 August 2019. Buses 41, 550 and 552 using the tunnel will be diverted and they will not serve the Huopalahti station bus stops. When planning the diversion routes, the aim has been to ensure smooth running of public transport services but also to ensure the flow of traffic. Unfortunately, the changes to the traffic arrangements mean that some direct journeys will require transfers or alternatively, walking distances will increase.

Transfers between Ring Rail Line trains and Coastal Line trains will be possible using the tunnel throughout the works. Lifts and accessible routes will also be available. Walking and cycling through the tunnel will be possible throughout the works but there will be changes to the routes as the works progress. The tunnel is expected to remain closed until late 2021. The diversions will be in place throughout the closure.

Read more about the Jokeri light rail line project:

To find alternative public transport routes, use the Journey Planner (search date after 12 August). Timetables and routes are available in the Journey Planner 30 days before they take effect.

Changes to bus services

  • Bus 550 will be diverted to run via Hämeenlinnanväylä and Vihdintie. The bus will serve the “Metsäläntie” and “Talontie” stops located in zone A. The bus will not serve the “Vihdintie”, “Huopalahden asema” (Huopalahti station) and “Ilkantie” stops.
  • Bus 41 will run directly along Tunnelitie. The bus will serve all stops along the diversion route.
  • Bus 552 will run from Eliel Saarisen tie via Tunnelitie, Haagan Urheilutie, Isonnevantie and Isonnevankuja back to Eliel Saarisen tie. The bus will serve all stops along the diversion route.
  • The route of bus 52 will not change on 12 August.

Stops closest to Huopalahti station from 12 August 2019

Bus stops in the vicinity of Huopalahti station will remain open with the exception of the “Ilkantie” and “Huopalahden asema” (Huopalahti station) bus stops.

  • Bus 41: The closest stops will be “Palokaivon aukio” and “Tunnelitie” to the east of the station. The stops are also served by bus 40.
  • Bus 552: The bus will serve the “Angervotie” stops to the south of the station. The stops are also served by bus 52.
  • Trunk route 550: The closest stops will be the “Talontie” stops on Vihdintie. Passengers changing between bus 550 and trains are advised to interchange at Oulunkylä or Leppävaara stations.
  • There will be no changes to neighborhood route 32.

Pysäkit Huopalahden aseman ympäristössä 12.8.2019 alkaen