Longer U trains from Monday 28 October

From Monday 28 October, some U trains and one L train will be operated with three-unit Flirt trains at peak times.

The following services will be operated with three-unit trains instead of two-unit trains Monday to Friday:

6.03am L train from Helsinki  
3.42pm U train from Helsinki 
4.42pm U train from Helsinki 
7.07am U train from Kirkkonummi
4.37pm U train from Kirkkonummi
5.37pm U train from Kirkkonummi

As platforms are Jorvas station are shorter than at other stations, passengers cannot board or alight from the last train unit at Jorvas. Passengers alighting at Jorvas should move to the front of the train. 

In addition, there will be changes to departure platforms at Helsinki Central Railway Station from 28 October.