New entrances opened at Hakaniemi Metro Station

The renovation of the ticket hall at the southern end of Hakaniemi Metro Station has been completed and new station entrances have been opened.

Two new entrances to Hakaniemi Metro Station open today following the completion of renovation works. The entrances are on Siltasaarenkatu. One entrance is in front of Ympyrätalo at the junction of Siltasaarenkatu and Eläintarhantie. The entrance has been renovated and it is in the same place as before the renovation. The other entrance is on the other side of the same junction. The entrance is in the building on Siltasaarenkatu accessed via a door to the street.

The Metro Station was renovated to improve accessibility. The ticket hall at the southern end of the station was also upgraded. Part of the ticket hall and entrances from the Hakaniemi Market Square were renovated previously. The works will continue at the northern end of the station.

New entrances on a map

The map still shows the old, demolished entrance in the middle of the pavement next to the new entrance inside the building on Siltasaarenkatu.