Bus routes diverted in Koivukylä 2 Jan - 9 Feb

Update 30 Jan: Expection continues, ending 9 Feb

Bus routes 618, 624, 631, 633N, 724N, 736 and 736A will be diverted in Koivukylä 2 January - 9 February 2020 because Koivukylän puistotie will be closed to traffic between Haapatie and Asolanväylä due to construction. The buses will run along Koivukylän puistotie, Haapatie and Koivukylänväylä to Asolanväylä, where they will resume their normal route.

The "Saarnitie" stop will not be served (V7007). The buses will serve stops along the diversion route as well as temporary bus stops on Haapatie.

Karttakuva poikkeusreiteistä Koivukylässä 2.-31.1.