Buses 57, 78(N), 506 and 550 rerouted in Viikki from 1 January

Viikinkaari will be closed to traffic from 1 January 2020 due to the construction of the Jokeri light rail line. Buses 57, 78(N), 506 and 550 will be rerouted to run along Viikintie. The buses will no longer serve the "Viikin tiedepuisto" stops H3173 and H3174. In addition, buses 57, 78(N) and 506 will no longer serve the "Viikin biokeskus" stops H3175 and H3176. The stops will be replaced by the "Pasteurinkatu" stops (H3534 ja H3535) located at the junction of Viikintie and Pasteurinkatu. The stops will be served by buses 57, 78(N), 506 and trunk bus 550.

There will also be changes to the timetables for these routes and there will be another route change for bus 506 in Myllypuro.

Viikinkaari is expected to reopen to traffic in early 2021.

Bussilinjojen 57, 78(N), 506 ja 550 reitti Viikissä muuttuu 1.1.2020 alkaen Viikintielle