Changes to bus timetables in Kirkkonummi on 1 January and 7 January

There will be changes to bus timetables in Kirkkonummi on 1 January 2020 and again on 7 January.

On Wednesday 1 January 2020, there will be changes to the timetables for routes 171, 173, 901(K), 906, 909(K) and 911. Departure times of individual weekday services will change to improve service.

On Tuesday 7 January 2020, the timetables of U-line 280 will change.

In addition, the route of one service on U-line 192 will change in the center of Kirkkonummi. The 1.58pm service from Eteläinen Laversintie in Siuntio will run along Munkinmäentie, serving the "Munkinkuja" stop (Ki0485). The bus will run via the Kamppi local bus terminal in Helsinki. The timetables will not change. 

The new timetables are already available in the Journey Planner. The new timetable for U280 is available in the printable timetables under U-lines.