Changes to Sipoo's bus services from 16 December

There will be changes to bus routes serving Sipoo from Monday 16 December. The changes are made to facilitate school journeys an to improve the punctuality of departume times from the Nikkilä bus terminal.

A new Mon-Fri service from Nikkilä manor (Nikkilän kartano) at 5.24am will be introduced on route 785. The 5.59am service will be withdrawn.

On routes 787 and 788, timing point times at the Nikkilä bus terminal will be brought forward by a few minutes. Departure times from the termini will not change but estimated arrival times at stops after the Nikkilä terminal will be brought forward.  

A new route 841B (Söderkulla – Nikkilä) operating on school day mornigs will be introduced. The bus will depart from the "Kallbäck" stop (Si0811) at 7.29am and take same route as bus 841 to Nikkilä.

In addition, route 992 (Eriksnäs – Söderkulla – Massby – Nikkilä) will be operated with a bigger bus.

On route 985, four Mon-Fri afternoon services will start departing from Nikkilä manor 5-6 minutes later than before.
In addition, there will be changes to interchanges in Kerava when the timetables for R, D and Z trains change on 15 December.

The new timetables are already available in the Journey Planner.