Timetable changes in Espoo from 1 January

There will be plenty of timetables changes for bus routes in Espoo from 1 January 2020.

More electric buses will be enter into service on Leppävaara feered services and the timetables for routes 201B, 202, 203, 214, 215, 224, 227, 236(B,V), 239 and 555B will change.

The timetables of route 225(K) will also change. A new early evening service from Leppävaara will be introduced.

On route 502, departure times from Leppävaara on weekend morning will change: the buses will depar a few minutes later to facilitate interchange with trains. 

The timetables for trunk route 550 as wel as routes 38, 231N, 235, 235N and 552 will change as the construction of the Jokeri light rail progresses on Pitäjänmäentie.

The new timetables are already available on the Journey Planner.