Passenger pavilion at the Market Square to be renovated – preparation work begins

The Suomenlinna ferry passenger pavilion at the Market Square will be renovated. The preparation work for the renovation begins in mid-January.

In the renovation project, the passenger pavilion will be restored without changing its style and appearance. The wooden parts will be repaired, the lamps restored, and the floor and the roof of the building will be replaced. The preparation work begins in mid-January. The pavilion will be open as usual during the preparation work.

When the renovation begins, the building will be closed and passengers can use a temporary waiting area. A separate ticket sales point will be provided in the summer. The routes for departing and arriving passengers will change. The ferry service to Suomenlinna will operate as normal during the renovation. The passenger pavilion will be closed during the summer and the work will be completed in August 2020.

More information on the closure of the passenger pavilion, the introduction of the temporary waiting area and the changes made to the access routes will be published later.