Changes to bus services during the school winter break 17-21 February

During the school winter break, Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February, some bus routes will not operate or will operate to special timetables.

  • On Espoo route 565B, U-line routes 280 and 346 as well as on Sipoo routes 841B, 986, 987 and 989, services marked in the timetables with a plus (+) will not operate.
  • Helsinki route 91, Vantaa route 588 and Sipoo routes 982, 984, 992, 993, 994 and 996 will not operate.
  • In Siuntio, routes 912 and 914 will not operate and routes 913, 915, 916 and 917 will operate to a special timetable.
  • In Espoo, routes 348 and 349 will operate to a special timetable.

You can view the new public transport routes in the Journey Planner when you enter a date that falls within the relevant period.

During the school winter break, buses may arrive at stops ahead of time due to lower traffic volumes and passenger numbers.

The timetables at stops show estimated arrival times of buses. They are based on average journey times in winter. Printable timetables include scheduled departure times for timing points, i.e. stops along the route at which buses have a specific departure time.