UPDATE: Bus routes 802 and 812 diverted in Länsi-Herttoniemi 14 April to 23 June

Update 12 May: the Siilikuja construction work continues until 23 June, the ending date for the route diversion also changed to 23 June.

Bus routes 802 and 812 will be diverted in Länsi-Herttoniemi from 14 April to 23 June due to construction work on Siilikuja.
The buses will no serve Siilikuja and stops H4766 and H4767 in front of the Herttoniemi Secondary School and hospital.

The closest stops in the direction of Herttoniemi Metro Station, Laajasalo, Myllypuro, Mellunmäki and Itäkeskus will be "Kettutie" (H4059 and H4060) at the intersection of Karhutie and Kettutie.

Additionally, bus 802 will not serve the "Kettulehto" stop (H4882) in the direction of Itäkeskus. However, other routes will serve the stop. 

Routes 802 and 812 are HSL's neighborhood routes operated with minibuses. You can get on or off the buses at stops but if need be, also elsewhere along the route, within traffic regulations.

Diversion route and stops for buses 802 and 812

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