Peak-time route 739V, Rautatientori-Nikinmäki-Pohjois-Nikinmäki, withdrawn from 10 August

The peak-time route 739V, which runs from the Railway Square (Rautatientori) via Nikinmäki to Pohjois-Nikinmäki, will be withdrawn from 10 August.
The route is currently operating two services Monday to Friday in the direction of rush hour traffic.

Route 739V runs from Lahdentie via Viirilä, Koivulä and Nikinmäki to the same terminus as route 739 in Pohjois-Nikinmäki. Bus 739 runs to Pohjois-Nikinmäki from Lahdentie via Korso and Päiväkumpu. There will be no changes to route 739 from 10 August. The bus will continue to serve journeys from Pohjois-Nikinmäki to Helsinki city center.  Nikinmäki school is served by buses running along Sipoontie and as well as routes 737 and 737K, which connect Pohjois-Nikinmäki and Nikinmäki.

The change is part of the adaptation of operating costs to the current financial conditions.  

Withdraw section of route 739V in Nikinmäki