I and A trains cancelled on Friday morning 4 September

I and A trains are cancelled on Friday morning 4 September due to a switch failure. The problem is expected to be fixed by 8.30am. 

Alternative transport links:

Use the Journey Planner to find alternative transport links. Some possibilities:

  • K trains are running as usual.
  • Trunk route 200 from Valimo, Pitäjänmäki and Mäkkylä stations served by A trains
  • P trains to/from Helsinki Airport, Kivistö, Aviapolis and Leinelä.
  • From Kivistö, bus 431 and U lines 453-465 from Hämeenlinnanväylä stops
  • From Vantaankoski, southbound buses 435 and 436
  • From Martinlaakso, southbound buses 435, 446 and 421
  • From Louhela, southbound buses 435, 436 and 411
  • From Myyrmäki, southbound buses 39 and 411
  • Bus 560 to Torpparinmäki, where you can change to buses 611-643 running along Tuusulanväylä. If you are going to Pasila, this is the best option.
  • From Malminkartano, southbound buses 37 and 39
  • From Kannelmäki, southbound bus 43
  • From Pohjois-Haaga, southbound bus 40