L trains replaced by bus between Kauklahti and Kirkkonummi on five nights 18–22 October

L trains will terminate at Kauklahti on five nights from Sunday 18 October to Friday 24 October between 11.50pm and 5.50am. The trains will run from Helsinki to Kauklahti as usual. Between Kauklahti and Kirkkonummi, the train will be replaced by bus 911X. The disruption is due to improvement works at Jorvas station.

The first L train from Helsinki at 5.03am will run to Kirkkonummi. However, the train will wait at Masala station and depart seven minutes behind schedule at 5.49am.

If you have a valid ticket, you can board the replacement bus using the middle doors and you do not need to show your ticket to the driver. The replacement bus accepts the same tickets as the trains.

Bus 911X, Kauklahti-Kirkkonummi

At Kauklahti station, the bus will depart from Hansatie, bay 11. In addition, the bus will serve the Hansakallio stop (bay 13).

The bus will serve the following stops:

  • Masala station (stop Ki0248 in both directions)
  • Jorvaksenkuja (Ki0323 in the direction of Kirkkonummi and Ki0322 in the direction of Kauklahti)
  • Tolsa (bay 13 in the direction of Kirkkonummi and bay 14 in the direction of Kauklahti)
  • Laajakalliontie (on Tolsantie, Ki0520 in the direction of Kauklahti and Ki0462 in the direction of Kirkkonummi)

In Kirkkonummi, the bus will depart from bay12 at the travel center.

Timetables for the replacement bus (PDF):
Timetables for route 911X by station 18-23 October 2020

You can also see the timetables and the route of the bus in the Journey Planner:

Link, bus 911X Kauklahti-Kirkkonummi

Link, bus 911X Kirkkonummi-Kauklahti