Changes to Z train services and replacement bus between Kerava and Lahti on the night of 20 March

Bus 979X will replace Z trains from Kerava to Lahti on the night of Saturday 20 March/Sunday 21 March from 0.20am to 3pm. The disruption is due to interlocking maintenance. The 0.29am Z train from Lahti is cancelled.

Z train service alterations in the HSL area on the night of 20 March

  • The 0.02am and 1.30am Z trains from Helsinki will terminate at Kerava station. Bus 979X will replace the trains between Kerava and Lahti.
    • Bus 979X will depart from Kerava station to Haarajoki and Lahti from bay 11 (Ke0408) at 0.29am and 2.02am.
  • The 0.29am Z train from Lahti is cancelled. Normally the train departs from Haarajoki at 1.03am, from Kerava at 1.11am and from Tikkurila at 1.20am.
    • Bus 979X wil replace the train between Lahti and Kerava. There will be an additional Z train from Kerava to Helsinki at 2.05am.
    • The replacement bus will depart from Haarajoki at 1.42am and arrive at Kerava at 2am.

The buses are high floor, i.e. they are not wheelchair-accessible. In addition, as there are no HSL card readers on the buses, HSL card cannot be used to buy value tickets on the replacement buses. You can use the same tickets as for the trains.