Changes to bus services in Siuntio from 10 August 2023

Public transport services will improve in Siuntio on 10 August 2023 with the introduction of 20 new weekday bus departures. There will be no major changes to any of the bus routes, but connections between commuter trains and buses will improve.

The new timetables will enable feeder bus services to Y trains that depart from Siuntio in the morning (at 7.09am and 7.54am) and from the trains arriving in Siuntio in the afternoon. In other words, passengers arriving in Siuntio by train at 4.06pm and 5.10pm will be provided with connections for continuing their journey by bus.

Service lines will continue to operate during the day between bus routes serving schools. From autumn 2023, the service lines will operate according to the same timetables on every weekday. The service lines are operated by bus routes 913(A,B), 915(A,B), 916K and 917. The timetables for the lines have been planned so that they give passengers approximately 90 minutes to run errands in the municipal center.

You can find the timetables and routes for Siuntio buses 912–917 from 10 August in the Journey Planner. The timetables are also available in printable form.