Disruptions to public transport due to weather conditions

There are disruptions to public transport due to weather conditions on Tuesday 23 April.

Updated 23 April 2pm

There were major disruptions to public transport services due to the freezing rain on Monday evening, followed by heavy snowfall. We advise passengers to allow extra time for their journeys. From Wednesday morning, services run as normal

Light rail services were suspended, but resumed from 2.30pm on Tuesday.

All tram services in Helsinki city center were suspended, but resumed from 1.45pm.

There are delays and cancellations to many bus routes. Some sections of routes cannot be operated.

Commuter trains and the metro are mainly running as usual.

How to check which services are running using the Journey Planner

You can search for public transport services near you using the Nearby stops and routes feature of the Journey Planner at hsl.fi/lahella. The view shows services near your location or a location you choose. Vehicles currently running move on the map. 

The route search shows vehicles currently running

You can use the Journey Planner's route search to search for your route. You see all buses running on the route on the map. In addition, if the minutes in the timetable for the route are in green, this means that the service is running.