Transport Service Plan 2022-2023 open for comments until 12 December

Most of the changes will take effect in August 2022. Our Executive Board approved the plan on 18 January 2022.

Route network plans approved previously will be implemented

Other changes to bus routes and extensions to tram routes

The tram service area will expand in August. Tram route 7 will be extended from Pasila station to Meilahti and tram route 9 from Pasila station to Ilmala. 



Service changes and route diversions in 2022

Street works in Töölö

There will be diversions to tram routes running along Caloniuksenkatu and Runeberginkatu from April to August 2022 due to street works.

Construction of a tramway between Kalasatama and Pasila

We prepare for delays to bus services on Hermannin rantatie due to the construction of a tramway from Kalasatama to Pasila.

There will also be diversions to tram routes 1, 2 and 7 in the Pasila area. Diversions to bus routes are also possible.

Other tram diversions

We prepare for the construction of a depot in Ruskeasuo, expected to start possibly in summer 2022, and for the improvement of Korppaanmäentie. If the works start, tram 10 will be diverted for a long time. 

Changes to tram stops at Töölön tulli and the construction of a new turnaround in Meilahti will cause short-time diversions.

Arrangements for the construction on the bus terminal in Itäkeskus

We prepare for arrangements for the construction on the bus terminal in Itäkeskus in late 2022. The arrangements will affect all bus routes using the current bus terminal. The arrangements are expected to remain in place until the end of 2025. 


Arrangements for the construction of Laajasalontie and Koirasaarentie

We prepare for delays to traffic and diversion routes due to the construction of the Kruunusillat tramway and Laajasalontie.

Construction on the Herttoniemi bus terminal

We prepare for the renovation of the Herttoniemi bus terminal, which will cause bus diversions.

Arrangements for construction work on Meritie in Finnoo

We prepare for temporary traffic arrangements in the surroundings of Finnoo Metro Station due to construction work on Meritie. When Meritie is closed to traffic, buses going to Hyljelahti must take a slower route via Hyljetie. The construction schedule will be updated as the planning progresses.