Travel habit survey

We are conducting a travel habit survey for the residents of the entire HSL area for the first time this year. Our aim is to gain a more extensive understanding of the travel habits of people living in the HSL area, regardless of the modes of transport used.

Travel habit survey is now open

By completing the survey, you will help us understand the travel habits of Helsinki region residents, identify phenomena and find out residents’ thoughts about mobility and the use of different modes of transport.

The survey is open from 15 April to 29 April 2024.

The survey results will be available sometime in the spring

The survey results will be used to enhance our understanding of mobility in the Helsinki region and to develop public transport services. In addition, the results will be used to support resident-oriented transport planning. We will tell about the results during the spring.

The travel habit survey is map-based. The survey will open in your browser when you click on the link.

Previously, we have conducted travel habit surveys in smaller areas or on a project-by-project basis. We also conduct a more extensive Travel Survey every 4–5 years.