Season tickets

If you use public transport regularly, it is a good idea to get a season ticket. A season ticket is more economical than single tickets if you make more than three return journeys a week. You can buy a season using your HSL card or the HSL app.

Season tickets on the HSL card

The tickets ares valid for a period of between 14 days and one year. You can set the ticket validity to start within 60 days from the moment of purchase. You can also load another season ticket valid for a maximum of one year on your HSL card. You can set the validity of the second ticket to start within 60 days of the expiry of the first season ticket.

You can buy season tickets at sales and service points as well as from some ticket machines. You can buy a ticket for any period between 14–366 days. You can check the prices for tickets of varied duration in the price list available at

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Season tickets using the HSL app

Purchasing season tickets on the HSL app is easy and you can pay for your tickets with a payment card attached to the app, or have them charged to your phone bill. When charging payments to your phone bill, the maximum amount for a single transaction is 50 euros.

In April 2019, season tickets available via the HSL app include:

  • 30-day tickets for adults. The tickets are charged to your payment card.
  • season ticket subscriptions for adults. The subscription runs until further notice and the ticket is automatically charged to your payment card every 30 days.
  • 30-day season tickets for student, with a discount of 45% on adult fares.

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