Leave your car or bike at a Park & Ride

Park & Ride is intended for public transport customers. You can park your car or bike close to a stop or station and continue by rail or bus.

Driving or riding a bike?

Riding a bike

You can leave your bike at a Park & Ride free of charge. There are usually no time limits for bicycle parking.

By car

If you have a valid HSL ticket, you can park your car for free or for a small fee. The time limits and fees vary from one parking site to another. In Malmi and in many Park & Ride sites in Vantaa, you can also park your car for free if you have a VR ticket.


How to use Park & Ride

If you have a valid public transport ticket and parking at the Park & Ride site in question is free of charge, you can simply drive in and park.

At paid parking areas, you must either show a valid ticket to the HSL card reader, a mobile ticket to the QR reader, buy a single ticket with your HSL card using the card reader or activate an advance-purchase single ticket at the card reader. You do this either when driving into the parking area or after having parked up, depending on the parking area.

Check the availability of parking spaces

Use the Journey Planner map to find information about parking places. When you enter a place name in the search field, the planner will show nearby parking areas and the number of car spaces. To include Park & Ride in the route suggestions, click on the car icon. 

HSL Park & Ride areas

What kind of parking are you looking for?