The light rail passes through 34 pairs of stops

There are 34 pairs of stops along the length of the route of light rail 15 between Itäkeskus and Keilaniemi.

For now, the eastern terminus is at the junction of Raaseporintie and Marjaniementie. The terminus is about 100 meters from the Itäkeskus Metro Station bus terminal. The terminus will move to the bus terminal once the terminal has been renovated.

The western terminus is close to the northern entrance to Keilaniemi Metro Station, at the corner of Keilaranta and Keilaportti.

The average distance between stops on the route is 800 meters. Stops are located in areas with plenty of existing or planned homes, jobs and services.

The journey time from terminus to terminus is about an hour.

Light rail line stops are designated by information poles

You can recognize the light rail stops by the information poles. The poles have large passenger information boards attached to them, as well as stop signs colored in the light rail line colors and displaying the light rail symbol.

All stops have shelters. At the busiest stops, the stop shelters are longer and stop platforms are wider than at other stops. The busiest stops also have larger information boards than other stops.

Accessibility has been considered in the design of the stops. The stop platforms are level with the carriage floors.

Talking stops

The light rail line stops offer high-quality real-time information. We have also considered the needs of various special groups. Announcements tell when the next tram is due and service disruption alerts are read out loud.


The busiest stops (Itäkeskus, Viikki, Oulunkylä, Maunula, Hämeenlinnanväylä, Huopalahti, Leppävaara, Aalto University and Otaniemi) are equipped with larger information displays than the other stops.


The stops have buttons to push to hear how many minutes until the next light rail vehicle will arrive. This is especially helpful for visually impaired passengers.

Easy interchanges

As many passengers will be interchanging between the light rail line and other modes of transport, special attention has been paid to the ease of interchanges.


Bus stops and light rail line stops are close to each other to make interchanging easy. The stops are also easily accessible by bike and bike parking facilities will be made available.

Interchanges along the light rail line

There are a number of good interchanges along the light rail line that allow you to conveniently change to other modes of transport. The key interchanges are:

  • Keilaniemi – interchange for the metro
  • Aalto University  – interchange for the metro and buses
  • Leppävaara  – interchange for trains and buses
  • Huopalahti station  – interchange for trains and buses
  • Hämeenlinnanväylä – interchange for buses
  • Maunula – interchange for buses
  • Oulunkylä station – interchange for trains and buses
  • Viikki Science park – interchange for buses
  • Itäkeskus – interchange for the metro and buses

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The light rail provides access to a wide range of services

Whether you are going for a nature walk, a shopping spree or to do sports, the light rail will take you to your destination. There is a wealth of services and attractions to visit along the 25-kilometer route.

List of light rail line stops