No long waiting times thanks to frequent service

Light rail line 15 will run about 4.30am to 1.15am on weekdays. On Saturdays and Sundays, the light rail line will run about 5.30am to 1.15am.

Our aim is that the service would initially run every 10 minutes. The service frequency will increase as we get more vehicles. Once all vehicles are in service, the light rail line will run every six minutes.

Approximate journey times between stops

• Keilaniemi – Otaniemi ~ 4 min 
• Otaniemi – Leppävaara ~ 13 min
• Leppävaara – Huopalahti station ~ 14 min
• Huopalahti station – Oulunkylä station ~ 15 min
• Oulunkylä station– Viikki Science Park ~ 6 min
• Viikki Science Park – Itäkeskus ~ 9 min