Propose employer-subsidized commuter tickets to your employer

Did you know that you can get public transport tickets as employee benefit? Employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a public transport ticket provided to an employee by the employer, which can be used for commuting between home and work. The benefit is tax free up to EUR 3,400 a year. In practice, this means your employer can offer you tickets for the HSL area for the whole year and there will be no tax implications for you.

An auto-renewing ticket on the HSL app makes everyday life easier

Employer-subsidized commuter tickets are available via the HSL app. Whether for commuting or for leisure, when you have an auto-renewing season ticket on the HSL app travelling is easy: you always have a valid ticket and it’s always with you on your phone. The season ticket is valid for the zones your journeys between home and work cover. You can travel as much as you like within the zones covered by your ticket.

If you make six or more journeys a week, it is worth getting a season ticket.

How can I get an employer-subsidized commuter ticket?

Your employer must first decide to provide employer-subsidized commuter tickets and allocate money for them in the budget. You can propose the introduction of employer-subsidized commuter tickets, for example, to the person responsible for HR at your company, or raise the issue in the personnel committee.

You can get an employer-subsidized commuter ticket on top of your salary or as part of your salary, as agreed with your employer. The acquisition costs are tax deductible for your employer, just like other fringe benefits.

Tell your employer about the HSL Commuter Benefits Service!