HSL and the Finnish event industry tighten their cooperation – free public transport tickets for concertgoers

If you have purchased a ticket to the Bailantai concerts by the pop sensation Antti Tuisku, your concert ticket will include an HSL public transport ticket. The campaign is part of our new cooperation with Warner Music Live.

The purpose of the cooperation is to promote responsibility and sustainable modes of transport. Our cooperation with Warner Music Live begins with a pilot featuring Antti Tuisku’s Bailantai concerts. The purpose of the pilot is to gather experience and receive feedback from customers on the practicalities of the cooperation and which areas are worth developing further.

Concerts that are held at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium draw large crowds, which offers a great opportunity to utilize public transport services.

“The different venues located in the HSL area can be easily accessed by public transport. Our goal is to promote responsible and sustainable means of transport and to help make everyday life in the city more enjoyable. The tightened cooperation between HSL and the Finnish event industry will support these goals and help improve traffic flow and the availability of parking spaces in the urban environment”, says Head of Unit Tapio Salomaa.

“We at Warner Music Live strive towards a more responsible event production. You cannot change the world overnight, but we are constantly trying to come up with ways to produce concerts and tours in a more sustainable manner. Public transport tickets included in the concert tickets are a great example of this work. We are grateful and excited that HSL shares our vision and decided to join us in this campaign”, says Ville Ahtiainen, Commercial Director at Warner Music Finland.

By including a public transport ticket in the concert ticket, we together with Warner Music Live wish to encourage everyone to use public transport when attending a concert. The use of public transport services prevents traffic congestion and improves traffic flow, which in turn makes the concert experience more enjoyable for both the concertgoers and those living near the venue. Additionally, having a public transport ticket as part of the concert ticket will also help those who are not experienced users of public transport to choose a more responsible option.

The public transport ticket included in the Bailantai concert ticket can be activated on the day of the concert from 3pm until 3am in the following morning. The ticket is valid for 24 hours from the moment of activation. The ticket covers zones ABCD, meaning that it is valid in the entire HSL area. Each ticket holder will receive more detailed instructions and a ticket-specific code for redeeming the ticket from Lippupiste via email.

Antti Tuisku’s Bailantai concerts will take place at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on 9 and 10 September.

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