City bike survey results: city bike users get their money's worth

Earlier this fall, we asked city bike users about the 2022 city bike season. The respondents in Helsinki and Espoo were particularly satisfied with the clarity and reasonableness of the fees. The respondents in Vantaa were also fairly satisfied with the bike service.

In our survey this fall, the city bike users in Helsinki and Espoo were the most satisfied with the clarity of the service fees. The respondents felt that the fees were reasonable. Registering as a user and purchasing a pass were easy. According to the respondents, the instructions on the use of bikes were clear and easy to understand.

The respondents were the least satisfied with the availability of bikes and returning the bikes at stations. The NPS score of the city bikes, which measures the willingness of users to recommend the service to others, was 48. The score remained high, but it was slightly lower than last year.

Just over 4,300 city bike users in Helsinki and Espoo responded to the survey in September and October. Most of the respondents had purchased a pass for the whose season and they used the bikes at least a few times a month. Those who used the bikes frequently and cycled in both Helsinki and Espoo were more willing to recommend the service to others than those who used the bikes less frequently.

The most common reasons for using the city bikes were exercise and using the bikes as a substitute for public transport. Many respondents also used both the bikes and public transport. Nearly 70% of the respondents had at least occasionally combined city bikes with public transport.

City bikes were used especially for running errands and for leisure journeys. The bikes were used for commuting slightly more than in 2021.

A total of 2,400,000 journeys were made on the bikes in Helsinki and Espoo.  The number of bikes was the same as last year, 4,570. The number of bike stations was also the same as last year, 457.

City bike users in Vantaa satisfied with the condition of stations

We also conducted a survey for city bike users in Vantaa. The respondents gave the service an overall rating of 3.03 on a scale of 1–5. The best ratings were given to the condition and location of stations, reasonableness of the fees, customer service and availability of bikes. The lowest ratings were given to the process of picking up a bike and returning a bike.

A total of 106 people responded to the survey in Vantaa.

An application provided by a new system supplier was introduced in Vantaa for this season. The app was further developed during the season. The development work will continue during the winter.

Discount on the next city bike season in November

The city bike season ends in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa on Monday 31 October. In November, the bikes and bike stations will be tucked away and serviced for the next season.

The next season will start in April 2023. In November, you get a EUR 5 discount on the next city bike season. In other words, if you buy a pass for the 2023 city bike season in November, you only pay EUR 30 for the entire season.

We will tell more about the campaign next week online at