Light rail line 550 began its technical test runs on 7 November

Technical test runs on the new light rail line 550 (Jokeri Light Rail) began between Roihupelto and Oulunkylä.

Technical test runs on the light rail line 550 (Jokeri Light Rail) began on 7 November. The first test run section extends from the Jokeri Light Rail depot in Roihupelto to Oulunkylä station. The test runs will be performed over the course of November and December.

The process is the same on all the sections of tramway where the test runs are carried out. During the first phase of testing, the tram runs at a reduced speed to simulate slow-moving traffic. The second phase focuses on the functionality of various systems, such as the switch control system and traffic lights. Moreover, test runs will also be performed in low-light conditions. Finally, the tram will run at the operating speed set for it on the test run section.

The technical test runs for the light rail line have been divided into six sections of tramway of various lengths. During the test period, the tram will run east to west. The tram cars will always run to the depot after the test runs, which means that you might see the tram in action also after the actual test run between the depot and Oulunkylä has been performed.

The goal is to complete the commission testing of systems and the technical test runs by June 2023.

Once passenger traffic begins on the tramway, the tram line will be known as the light rail line 550. The Jokeri Light Rail, or “Raide-Jokeri” in Finnish, is the name of the project during its construction phase. HSL and Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd will later make a decision on when the tram will begin operating.

Traffic controllers and signs ensure the safety of road users during the test runs

Signs that alert road users of the test runs will be placed along the section of tramway where the test runs are being performed. Additionally, traffic controllers will be on scene to help traffic flow.

Once the test runs are underway, pedestrians can use new level crossings. The level crossings are different from pedestrian crossings and can be identified by their light brown color. Unlike at pedestrian crossings, pedestrians must give way to trams at level crossings.

You can find an instructional video on the level crossings on the Jokeri Light Rail homepage.

In addition, traffic lights will be activated along the section of tramway. The lights are to be followed at those level crossings that have them.

During the test runs, a current runs through the overhead line of the tram. Once the test runs have started, all the overhead lines along the section will carry a current.

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