Updated 2 April: We are monitoring the impacts of the strikes on bus services

The strikes are affecting fuel distribution and bus routes operated with diesel buses. However, about 35 percent of our bus services are currently operated with electric buses.

Updated 2 April 4pm: the situation is still good and no changes are expected to bus service over the next two days.

Despite the disruptions to fuel deliveries, our key transport links i.e. the trunk route buses, are mainly working well. Most of the buses on trunk routes are electric buses. In addition, all trams, the metro and trains run on electricity.

We are gathering information about the situation but even at this stage, it seems that the effects on bus services will be significant if the operators run out of fuel.

According to the information provided by bus operators, the situation is currently good and no changes are expected to bus services in the next few days. If the situation changes, fuel will not run out simultaneously at all depots.

We will keep monitoring the situation and inform passengers about potential service changes. Information about potential changes to services is provided via the HSL app and at HSL.fi.

Information about your routes

App notifications help you keep up to date with changes to your routes and their timetables and other transport-related news via the HSL app. Adding your favorite routes and stops and activating the app notifications makes the planning of your journeys even easier. See detailed instructions here

How to check which buses are running using the Journey Planner

You can search for buses near you using the Nearby stops and routes feature of the Journey Planner at hsl.fi/lahella. The view shows buses near your location or a location you choose. Buses currently running move on the map. 

The Journey Planner's route search shows all buses in operation on a given route

You can use the Journey Planner's route search to search for your route. You see all buses running on the route on the map. In addition, if the minutes in the timetable for the route are in green, this means that the bus is running.


Effects in different areas in the region

Services are operated with electric buses especially in these areas

Trunk bus routes 20, 30, 40, 500, 520, 530, 570.

Helsinki: East Helsinki (excluding Vuosaari), Östersundom, Pasila, Koskela, western Helsinki

Espoo: crosstown trunk bus routes 520 and 530, Leppävaara, Kalajärvi

Vantaa: bus routes in Tikkurila, Koivukylä and Korso, trunk bus route 570, Kivistö

Kerava: part of services on most bus routes

Sipoo: Nearly all services are operated with electric buses

Kirkkonummi: Sarvvik–Sundsberg–Masala–Jorvas–Gesterby–Keskusta–Kantvik–Upinniemi


Services are operated with diesel buses especially in these areas

Trunk bus routes 200, 300, 400, 510, 560, 600.

Helsinki: Northern and North East Helsinki, Vuosaari, Lauttasaari

Espoo/Kauniainen: Soutthern Espoo, Kauniainen, Nuuksio

Vantaa: Central Vantaa, western Vantaa, buses to Helsinki

Tuusula: services across the municipality (on route 641 some individual services are operated with electric buses)

Kirkkonummi: Veikkola, sparsely populated areas (school bus routes 181, 182, 901–911)

Siuntio: whole municipality